Outdoor Firepits, Fire Bowls and Fire Tables from Solus Decor

16" Fire Cube
The Firecube is our answer to smaller spaces. The inspiration for this fire pit came from many disappointed customers who didn’t have the space for one of our larger units.
· 17" tall and with a square footprint of just 16" x 16"
· Propane tank holder can serve as a side table
· Manual lit propane or gas
· BTU/Hour 40,000
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30" Fire Box
A large enough fire pit to be the focal point of your outdoor room, or can be used in multiples to create a spectacular outdoor fire feature.
· 30" square and 15" tall
· Natural gas or propane
· Operated with a simple skeleton key and is manually lit
· Also has an electronic hot start with wall switch or remote
· BTU/Hour 60,000
· 5 YEAR warranty on burner
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Firebowl Hemi 26"
Packing a big punch, this outdoor fire pit has a manual lit burner comes with a 5 year warranty. The perfect way to add spark to more intimate outdoor spaces.
· 16 3/4" tall and 26" across
· Natural gas, propane, or a bio ethanol burner utilizing an Eco Burner
· Comes with a lava rock and fire stone topping
· Natural gas or propane
· The plinth is included and allows for coffee table height
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Firebowl Hemi 36"
The flagship and first fire pit Solus ever produced. The Firebowl creates an instant gathering place for relaxed conversations, dining atmosphere or backyard campfires.
· 36" Dia x 16.5" tall
· Elegant profile adds an artistic architectural element to any outdoor space
· Built to withstand the extreme climates of hot and cold
· Natural gas or propane, 60,000 BTUs
· 5 year warranty on manual lit burner
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Firebowl Hemi 48"
Our ability to make one of the world’s largest firebowls was a total engineering challenge - powerful yet sophisticated and elegant. Great for commercial applications and definately provides the "WOW" factor.
· 48" Dia x 23.25" tall
· 120,000 BTUs
· Operated via electronic hot start system
· Natural gas or propane
· Includes lava rock bed with topping of firestone
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Halo 36" Patio Firepit
A peaceful floating slab, the Halo’s glow invites gathering and contemplation as a source of warmth in an outdoor room.
· 36" square x 5" tall
· Can be elevated to coffee table height with the addition of a Solus plinth
· 40,000 BTUs
· Natural gas or propane, manually lit and key valve operated
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36" Elevated Halo Outdoor
Our modern interpretation of the primordial campfire raised to coffee table height to invite conversation and to place a drink or canape on the surrounding table surface.
· 36" square x 16.25" tall
· Manually lit and key valve operated
· 40,000 BTUs
· Natural gas, propane, or bio ethanol burner option
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48" Elevated Halo Fire Table
This is the third edition of our popular Halo series. Answering the call for more table space, the surface area of this serene, “floating” firepit design has been increased to a 48" x 48" square.
· 40,000 BTUs
· Manual lit is the most common approach and provides a 5 year warranty!
· Natural gas, propane, or ethanol
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Fire Table
This popular linear fireplace design can be used outside as well as inside. With a classic signature Solus style inlay, these tables add a few curves to your normal rectangular table.
· 51" long x 27" wide
· Electronic ignition or ethanol
· 50,000 BTUs
· Natural gas, propane, or bio ethanol burner option (28,000 BTUs)
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Fire Trough
The Firetrough is great for large and narrow spaces. It's sleek and elegant design maximizes heat without compromising on style.
· 47" long x 23" wide
· Natural gas, propane and ethanol
· 75,000 BTUs
· Fire glass, traditional lava and/or fire treated rocks are available
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The Spire
Fits the bill where multiple fire pits are specified. They make particularly interesting fire points on stairways, around pools, and on large decks.
· 20" wide x 24" tall
· Manual lit or electronic start
· 40,000 BTUs natural gas or propane
· Available in all 10 Solus colours
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